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Through cooperation and with the help of a diversified network of developers, LAG JyväsRiihi is increasing the effectiveness of LEADER-activities and supporting interaction between communities and associations.

JyväsRiihen strategian kansikuva

  • Non-govermantal developing association established in 2000
  • Number of members: over 250 (private persons, small enterprises, municipalities and associations)
  • Staff: 2 permanent employees, fixed-term project workers as necessary
  • Board: 12 members and their substitutes who represent the area’s municipalities, associations and residents
  • Office is situated in the City of Jyväskylä, the regional capital


LAG JyväsRiihi operates in Central Finland. The area covers four municipalities and it includes sparsely populated rural communities, small rural towns, and the countryside around Jyväskylä City. The area is a home to over half of the region’s population.

  • Situated in Central Finland, in the Lakeland Finland.
  • JyväsRiihi area consists of the rural areas of the City of Jyväskylä and the municipalities of Laukaa, Muurame and Uurainen.
  •  The surface area of LAG JyväsRiihi is 2,300 km² and it is home to 177,000 people, of which some 56,000 live in the countryside.
  • Area comprises over 50 active rural villages, many of which have plenty of new young residents. It is vital for the development of the villages to engage new residents in shared activities.
  • The area is experiencing strong growth and is the regional center for education and business activities.
  • There are good opportunities for smart, digital, and environmental solutions due to the area’s high education, research, and innovation services.
  • The rural area hosts a lot of diverse and nimble small businesses that operate in the multiform small-scale industries and services such as care, well-being and tourism services in particular, and some traditional agriculture and forestry.

Rural Development Plan 2023 - 2027

Rural development in our area aims to enhance smart communities and climate actions, build up the well-being in rural villages and strengthen and renew entrepreneurship.

All the main aims are combined with sustainability. Projects are not allowed to cause any significant harm to the environment nor climate.

LAG JyväsRiihi also encourages projects to collaborate with multiple cooperation partners and strengthen regional rural development networks.



Rural development in our area aims to:

  • 1. Enhance smart communities and climate actions

    • Smart solutions e.g., different platforms for citizens to work and connect, nearby services, and security in the villages
    • Environmental and climate actions and shared knowledge
    • Improved digital services and skills

  • 2. Build up the well-being in rural villages

    • Youths as active developers
    • Free time activities and culture
    • Internationality

  • 3. Strengthen and renew entrepreneurship

    • Growth and progress of companies
    • Digitality, internationality, and company cooperation
    • Sustainability in the companies and sustainable travel

Transnational cooperation

The area of the LAG JyväsRiihi comprises resources, innovation, and operating models that are worth offering to the world. Some budget will be reserved for transnational cooperation in the funding period 2022-2027.

The themes of international co-operation can be e.g.

  • finding new ideas for the community and village development
  • promoting smart solutions, sustainable development, climate actions, energy efficiency, and circular economy
  • finding new ideas for the enterprises to develop services and products as well as get new networks and customers
  • arranging events, organizing study trips, and promoting exchange of persons.


LAG JyväsRiihi, Sepänkatu 4, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland


Leena Karjalainen

LAG Manager
Leena Karjalainen
+35844 959 8500

Jenni Tiainen

Project advisor
Jenni Tiainen
+35844 988 2154

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