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LAG Viisari

The LAG Viisari operates in the northern part of Central Finland. The association was established in the spring of 2000.

In Finland, Leader local action groups (LAGs) are registered associations that develop rural areas by funding local rural development projects and supporting local enterprises

Facts about LAG Viisari:

  • Association established in Spring of 2000
  • 3 clerical employees
  • Board consists of 9 members in addition to the chairman. The board members represent the operating area’s municipalities, associations and residents.
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Operating area

The operating area of LAG Viisari was home to approximately 46 200 people at the end of 2021. It is less than one-fifth of the population of the whole Central Finland region. The surface of the area is about 8 500 km², which, however, covers over 40% of the whole surface area of the region. The operating area is mainly sparsely populated countryside with less than 5 residents per km². Only the areas of Äänekoski and Saarijärvi have a higher population density.

Natural resources – forests, mires, fields and waterways – are essential resources of the area. The strongpoints of business activities are small, active companies and hard-working entrepreneurs. Business activities are based especially on bioenergy, small-scale industry, tourism and services, but agriculture and forestry are also very important.

Business challenges are related to co-operation and networking among other things. The companies need a broader clientele, more creativity and entrepreneurship as well as new entrepreneurs to continue business operations. A lot needs to be done in terms of internationalisation and in the utilisation of the lake districts and natural products.


Postal Address

Leader Viisari ry
Virastotie 2
FI-43100 Saarijärvi

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to our common address: viisari@saarijarvi.fi.

Below you’ll find the personal contact information of the staff.

Sanna Kiuru
Operative Manager
Tel. +358 400 418055

Päivi Hakkarainen
Project Coordinator
Tel. +358 40 542 1432

Mari Puro
Project Assistant
Tel +358 40 712 2025

Get inspired by rural development in Central Finland

The Leader groups in Central Finland have had the privilege to fund a wide range of projects from various entrepreneurs, associations and other communities in rural areas. This brochure contains a few examples of funded projects specific to tourism. Thus it provides an insight into our work as well as some great travel tips.

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